A European working in a Japanese tech company!

Hello world! My name is Richard and I come from the tiny European country of Malta. At the time of writing this post I’ve been working for this company for about a couple of months. I want to share my experiences with you the reader.

(Photo of Malta by Pierre D. Zammit)

My role within this company is of a software developer but I am not locked into a specific technology/language. So far I have had my hand in Unity(C#), iOS, Android development and even a little of Bash Scripting.

This company likes to dabble in bleeding edge technology in order to produce exciting new things. Therefore research and studying is given a great deal of importance. If you are part of a computer science university or the like and in the process of creating something new, please don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can make something together!

The ideas produced by my colleagues are interesting to say the least. During brainstorming sessions and idea proposals they come up with ideas that challenge the norm.

Being a Japanese company you need to know the language. I currently have JLPT N3 level of Japanese and studying to move up to JLPT N2. Communication can be quite difficult at times, since there are a lot of technical/business related words; but the people here are very patient with me and try their utmost to explain in words I can understand. I have a challenging road ahead to improve my Japanese but I can rest assured that my colleagues will help me along the way.

I plan to write more posts in the future, even technical tutorials for things I’ve researched but had a tough time finding solutions.

Feel free to leave a comment and see you again in the next post!

PS. We are on the lookout for expos to attend and show our work. Be it in Japan or overseas, if you know of or are part of an expo you want us to attend, please let us know!

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  1. blog 読んだよ!本当に就職おめでとう!
    It seems you finally found a right place to work and your truthful interest at the company. All the best.
    From ex-colleague:)