Computer Vision - OpenCV, Kinect and Unity Part 2

こたつ ホッケー(Kotatsu Hockey)

With the tools detailed in the previous post, I created a digital Air Hockey style game where physical objects are used as mallets and obstacles in order to interact with a virtual puck. The game was designed to be played on a Japanese Kotatsu but can really be played on any flat surface.

The Japanese Kotatsu

Why reinvent the wheel?

You might ask “What is the point of this game?” “Isn’t it better to use an actual air hockey table?”
If it was meant for the common consumer, you would be correct; but this game was produced for specific types of users.

The users in question are the ones who are not necessarily physically capable to play the real thing, that is the elderly, physically disabled or people under rehabilitation. The client which requested this game is a organisation called Yurusports (Roughly translated to Loose sports) which provides games/activities for theses types of users. For more information about Yurusports head on over to their website (Only available in Japanese).

The Setup

Hardware side

The setup basically consisted of overhead mounted Kinect and projector connected to a windows operated machine.

Software side

The game was designed to work on a windows 8 or up operating system (untested for lower versions) which the proper Kinect drivers in place.

Since the game needed to detect objects at certain depth on a flat surface, I had to implement quite a bit of settings in order to achieve the best noise free result.

The iterations

In the Alpha version although crude you can see OpenCV work it’s magic. You can see that I am using the OpenCV visualisation tools to help me see what’s going on.

In the beta version you can see the project as it is nearing completion. Here I was testing out the manual scoring system as it was a requirement for the game.

The end result

In the end the I was pleased with the final product. My only gripe is the hefty amount of settings had to be implemented in order to calibrate it to do the desired effect. A possible fix might be using visual feedback from the kinect camera in order to self calibrate.
Having said that the game only needs to be calibrated once and quite a few senior had a good time going at it at the launch event. You can read more about it here (Only available in Japanese)

The end result

If you have any questions, please let me know! See you next time.


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